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lives and in other cases looters. in others, officials either can't or won't stop people digging through buildings to find supplies. when aid shows up, just getting it can be dangerous. people who have gone days without food and clean water are sometimes fighting for whatever scraps are available. the troops in charge of handing out provisions have said they've tried to keep order with riot guyer and about a tans. the united states military says some relief drops have been orderly with thousands of people waiting patiently. military leader tell me tell us they expect 11,000 troops by the end of today, 4,000 on the ground, 7,000 on shore. former president clinton arrived in port-au-prince a few hours ago with his daughter, chelsea. he's the united nations envoy to
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haiti. maybe no population is more vulnerable that are the orphans. jonathan hunt found and orphanage where dozens of children are just trying to hang on. >> there are 26 babies here. many of them, in fact most, were due to be adopted by american families. it's an open question whether they will survive at all. there's no formula for the babies in the orphanage. they're being given regular milk that's not good for them and gives them diarrhea, adding to the danger of dehydration. the situation is desperate. they need aid, they need it quickly. they need food, water, formula, and medical supplies and are getting none of t they have not seep a single aid agency or u.n. personnel. they have not seen military or police help. they left her alone at the mercy
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of looters, at the mercy of desperate conditions. >> he found 3-year-old marie and 2-year-old johnny and here they are. an american family here in new york has been trying to adopt these two many, many months. they say they were trying to get the haitian government to finalize the adoption at the very time the earthquake hit. we'll speak with that family in just a moment. >> first back to port-au-prince and the orphanage where we found the two young kids. jonathan, havethy they gotten any formula? do workers know where they are and how to get to them and what it niece necessary to keep them alive? >> the situation improved slightly since yesterday. it took us getting here to alert the agency but the salvation heard our reports, the red cross heard our reports. the salvation army brought five
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bottles of pedialyte and crackers. the salvation army turned up with a doctor and nurse that's much needed but clearly this is a desperate situation. the people who tell us -- the people who run the organization, texas based, called for his glory outreach, tell us the urgent need now obviously is to get the children out of port-au-prince. it's not that hard. i can tell you the dutch government has simply decided to fly plane here today, pick up 100 children to be adopted. the redicoelous situation is 120 out of 130 children have been legally adopted by american families. the problem is the state department. they will not act to allow these children to come into the united states now. this is the ridiculousness. there's an airplane sitting in
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the anyone can republic and a representative and doctor there. all they need is permission from the state department. somebody at the state department needs to say, yes, these children have already been legally adopted. bring them in. do it now. the only thing they need is transportation from here to the border of the dominican republic and let me tell you, this is vanessa. she's not been adopted. she's been hanging on to me all day saying papa. this girl has been adopted by the yamaguchi family in colorado. we have johnny and marie franklin, adopted by the couple you're about to talk to. here we have david and sophia luke adopted from a family in cincinnati, ohio. the families -- the babies, the kids have the love they need waiting for them in the united
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states. these kids, i can tell you, having witnessed them more than 24 hours are the very best of haiti. what is keeping the best of these two countries apart is the worst of america. bureaucratic red tape. >> i have two questions. normally our people in the control room in new york can speak with the photographer on a bridge but because of circumstances that's not possible. though you don't know we can't see them. would you ask your photographers to zoom in on the kids? jonathan, has anyone called the state department? we've got people at the state department right now. >> johnny, mary franklin. >> why can't -- >> we've not been able to get in touch with the state department. >> shepard: we will. >> out of texas. she's in touch -- they would be very grateful if you did, shep. tim harmon is speaking to them. she runs the organization and is talking to them all the time,
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doing her very best to get the kids out. johnny should be on his way to new york, mary franklin should be on her way to new york. david, over here. zoom in. this is david, he should in ohio right now. there's no reason whatsoever for these children not to be on a plane right now to the united states so the families who have legally adopted them and who you lovingly waiting for them. johnny, mary franklin, all of them need permission to get to the united states. >> joshua and elizabeth davey are with us. two of those young children, marie and johnny, they're huddled in new york. i cannot imagine after 18 years, trying to get this done, to be watching this. i can't imagine it.
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very emotional. oh ... >> our viewers should know -- >> i just want to look at the cameras. >> that's why we're putting them up. i wonder what your thoughts are, given all they've been through. >> i want to get them home before they get more traumatized from the things they've been going through this past week. the longer they stay, the harder it's going to be. look, she's waving. [ laughter ] the harder it will for them to make the transition. >> have you been in contact with people who can help? so couth. >> cute. >> we've been speaking with outreach as well as the other parents. who are also adopting as well. >> i know that every parent
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watching this must be saying, how in the world can they go through this and how did you begin this process? what told you as a couple we need to adopt these haitian children? >> haiti has been a big part of our life for so long. i have a sister who is adopted from haiti. liz and i did aid work and my parents did aid work. haiti has been very important and i've always wanted to adopt. it's natural we would go that route to choose children. >> you were mighty close before the disaster struck. >> yeah, we were hoping to bring them home in march. >> shepard: elizabeth, i know you've met and you know a lot about them and grown close to them over the past 18 or so months. tell us about them. >> well, marie has always seemed withdrawn, though the pictures that we've been getting from you
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guys looks like you're making her feel very comfortable because i haven't seen her so animated. johnny is full of energy and -- >> rambunctious. >> very funny and ready to take on the world. so ... you can tell from the video. they can't sit still. >> shepard: how did you meet them? >> well, ow agency set us up with them and then i had downing in 2008, in november of 2008. i went down and signed some papers and i was able to spend two days with them while we were there and we had to go in october of 2009 and sign more papers and spent time with them. >> shepard: tell us what their lives will be like, because they'll get the here. >> they have a five-year-old sister and four-year-old brother. >> praying for them every night
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for two years. >> they're going to have fun, running around playing with star wars and leg goes and dolls and barbies. >> there's a whole community waiting to receive them here. >> shepard: they were already struggling and now i wonder if you and friends and loved ones thought about how it will be to transition them from a recently struggle to life in greece, new york. >> ink just a lot of prayer. we realize we may have to get a therapist involved and our social worker can help with that. we just want to -- we want to take as -- be as cautious as we can to make sure they get through the transition. but we just -- there's so many people praying for them and so many praying for us and we're going to trust god to help us to, you know, to help them to get through it and to assimilate
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to their new life. >> yea. >> shepard: it's my understanding, elizabeth and joshua, jonathan hunt, it's my understanding the kids can sigh them. -- see them. do you have a monitor? >> unfortunately we do not have a monitor. they've been waving. [ speaking foreign language ] shep, while we're here i want to introduce you to bilu, he's been adopted, the son of kim harmon, the woman from for listen glory outreach in texas working with the state department to get everybody -- to get all these children to their homes in the united states. we wanted to show her, watching in texas. we wanted to show her her son, he's doing well. all of the kids are doing incredibly well given the circumstance. their dignity, cheer, their spirit is something to behold.
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a lesson for all of us. the attitude with which they're facing these circumstances. that's kim harmon's son doing pretty good. >> shepard: just incredible. i can't tell you how emotional this is. i wonder, elizabeth and joshua. you have a event going on with yourself and so many concerns but when you think about the death toll and the number of new orphans who are -- it feels like after we get the mess cleaned up and after the dead are buried, there is -- there is a struggle with possibly thousands if not tens of thousands of little boys and girls like those two who don't have a mommy and daddy anymore. >> that's the truth. >> i think -- i think organizations like for his glory and other humanitarian aid organizations and orphanages in haiti not only need us now but
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they'll need us later to take care of the kids who were made orphans. i think people need to look within their hearts and consider how they can help others. >> shepard: i know how hard these people in haiti work. a lot of people from the united states and other countries wherethy come to offer relief, where they set up orphanageses for the number of children who don't have parents. i wonder what your impression of these operations and with the knowledge of how difficult it is to get things accomplished in haiti. >> well, we've certainly seen at least one bad example. but this orphanage, i've been extremely impressed with. the man who is the director, pierre alexis is an extraordinary person. just to see the pictures of him after the earthquake just there
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taking care of our kids instead -- he could have gone home to take care of his family but he stayed with the kids and, you know, protected them as well as he can and the nannies are so ted indicated. we're just dedicated. we're very impressed with the organization. >> if you're one who does what jonathan and i do, going to these horrific things around the world, occasionally you'll be able to take something away that warms your heart. amid the smell there and the profound loneliness there, we see this. i wonder if you don't think, maybe something good can come out of even this. >> yeah. >> i mean, we have to hope. we have to hope. there's nothing else we can do. i mean there's bad things happening every day in the world, but we have to hope that god has something good in store for us.
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and i think we need to -- we need to share that with others and need to also try to find out how does he want to use us to make it better. >> shepard: i'm told jonathan can hear you, if you have a question or message for them before we get away, have at it. >> i just want to say thank you so much for being there and holding my kids. and thank you so much for staying and making sure that they got some supplies. we're to grateful for the attention that you have brought to our children. we were just so scared two days ago and i feel a lot better just seeing you there sitting with them. >> yeah. >> believe me, it's my -- it's our honor. it's our honor to be here with such amazing kids and johnny and mary franklin are wonderful children, as are all of the children here.
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it's been an honor to be with them and we hope and pray the state department does something and gets these kids to you and the other families in the united states who love them and want them and want nothing more than to take care of them. clearly they deserve all the love in the world and we glad you're there. johnny and mary franklin say hi. they're shy but they say hi. [ speaking foreign language ] no, it's not going to work. but they know you're there. [ laughter ] >> shepard: like kids in the four corners of the earth, they never perform on demand. >> that's right. >> shepard: i tell you, it's great to see you and i hope and pray that you'll let us see this through. there's no picture i'd rather see than them showing up in greece and a community welcoming them and changing their lives in a way only people filled with love and caring can and we'll
3:17 pm
make sure it happens. the next phone call to be made is to the state department and if red tape can be cut, it will be cut. thank you. >> thank you so much. big love, jonathan hunts. learn more about the rescue efforts in haiti on our website, find the latest news, updates from the island and a list of reputable charities, ones that we're very comfortable saying, these people will take good care of your money. that's at this is "studio b." if you're buying store-brand ibuprofen, you may save a little money on your arthritis pain relief. but you could end up taking twice as many pills... compared to aleve. choose aleve, it just makes sense.
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>> shepard: we'll get back to haiti in a minute. we're one day away from a special election for the massachusetts senate seat vacated by the late senator kennedy. the race of critical for both parties because a loss for the democrats means they no longer have a 60-vote super majority on capitol hill. a few weeks ago it looking as if martha coakley had it wrapped up but scott brown has surged added two are neck and neck. he has a lead in the latest poll. the reason this race is important, senate democrats are pushing healthcare reform but if
3:21 pm
they lose the super majority, republicans have a chance of the possibility of halting the legislation. that's why president obama we're told is stumping for his fellow democrat. look at this ad. >> martha knows the struggles massachusetts families face because she lived those struggles. she fought for the people of massachusetts every single day. >> polls close tomorrow night. 8:00 eastern. we'll have full coverage. with us, publisher of politics magazine, jordan leiber manor. how and why has this happened? voters are angry. they have a history of bucking national trends and despite the fact it's massachusetts, they elected governor romney and they're capable of electing a republican. this may be the case. >> shepard: is it fair to say maybe, as it the case across the nation, in massachusetts, the people that -- some on the right are more organized and fired up
3:22 pm
than people on the left? >> we saw that with the offyear elections in new jersey and virginia last fall where the republican base got no larger but were fired up. turnout for democrats was down and that looks to be the case in massachusetts. turnout among democrats will be lower. swing voters will be heavily republican. >> you have to wonder if people on the left didn't expect a more left leaning president and are disappointed. that's what you read on the blogs. >> in many cases barack obama is not the ultra liberal many wanted. he was perfectly happy to throw away the public option and give away the medicare expansion in hopes of pass ago somewhat more centrist formula. >> shepard: how do you see the last hour? there's a huge push from everywhere campaigning.
3:23 pm
>> what is naturing is the nrsc, the national republican, beltway republicans, are hands off. lots of people from around the country will help scott brown but the central headquarters here in washington is publicly taking a hands-off approach. any money is flowing quietly. the best thing they can do is have no active role in the campaign. >> shepard: why do you say that? >> diddespite the it's a local issue here. >> so the issues which have galvanized republicans nationally, pushed back from the president, the tea party organizing crowd, you're saying that's not a big influence. that is an anti than a fore? >> it's a antidemocratic.
3:24 pm
let's balance the ticket feel. there's a tea party movement in massachusetts. >> no question. >> right, but the -- but the fact is really this is about swing voters saying, you know what? obama, this is going too far and i'm willing to push back and provide balance. >> shepard: i have to go but carl cameron reported if they want to push this through, they can take the senate version to the house and they have their amendment. they've their law. >> if a republican is electricity today massachusetts all eyes will be on nancy pelosi. if she's willing to fight it could get messy. >> jordan thank you. >> the taliban launching a series of bold daytime attacks in the afghan capital, the targets, government buildings, we're live in kabul with the detail and new video from the bombing. that's straight-away on "studio
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>> shepard: just in to fox news in what may prove to be a critical turning point in relief supplies in haiti. we confirmed the united states air force for the first time since the earthquake has commenced dropping of supplies from the air into areas outside port-au-prince. areas that are very difficult to reach by road because buildings have fallen and blockedded roadways. so for the first time in the outlying areas and the area around the especially epi-- epicenter of the quake itself, air lifts have just happened. the airdrop, the first one happened in the last 15 minutes. even though the general and secretary said air drops are dangerous and risky. they're dangerous and risky. imagine flying above, dropping a pallet of things people on the
3:28 pm
ground need and by some mistake, somebody is hurt on the ground. drop the drop has happened and critical supplies are making their way to people in the areas outside the port-au-prince. how much of this. >> shepard: i don't have a way to know but it's just begun. the beginning is the most important thing. they have plenty of supplies. it's getting them there that's difficult. that may have take answer turn. that from our producer who was on the phone with the air force. >> i want to get to afghanistan. taliban militants a serious strike. they boldly attacked key government buildings, a series much them, in kabul. it happened in daylight. the attackers wearing explosives blew themselves up. a iranian press tv crew taught it in action. >> forces are taking positions
3:29 pm
on rooftops. >> shepard: the reporter was avoiding a standoff, a piece with a reporter in it that goes in the middle of the taped piece when the fireball happened. the reporter was injured and taken to the hospital. at least five are dead and dozens more wounded. that attack targeted a cluster of government building, including the presidential palace, the justice ministry and central bank. conner powell has been covering the afghan crisis and joins us live. this is one of the things when we spoke over christmas you were concerned was going to happen and they were targeting the center of the afghan capital and sure enough.
3:30 pm
>> as the fighting decreased across the country, taliban are focuses on the capital. today was a very long, intense day of heavy fighting. from our position we could hear what sounded like thousands of rounds and massive explosions all day. it was two hour after the situation was declared under control. a dozen or so taliban firefighters stormed the exam, attacking multiple locations, including a international hotel a mall and government buildings. it was as i said, avy, very violent, deadly day. six afghans were killed, more than 70 wounded, mainly afghan civilians. now, we talked about this being a very complex, well organized attack. they seemed to stagger their attacks. it wasn't just one location at one time but multiple locations
3:31 pm
across the city. about an hour after the first shots were fired, an ambulance, presumably coming to help, hit a police checkpoint killing people. this is the type of attack we're seeing more and more here in afghanistan. >> conner powell live in the afghan capital. more stories out of haiti and some on video. we're live at the main airport with details behind the rescue and how some people are still being pulled from the rubble. in addition, we're working contacts at the state department and trying to figure out how to get the orphans to the plane waiting to the go across the border. i plan to have a report before the newscast is out. stay with us. ç
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the odds are finding survivors buried during the earthquake in haiti are getting lower but we're hearing incredible reports of rescue. amd housley is near the haitian capital of port-au-prince. you have new information on troops coming into the country? >> yes, we're told that right now homestead is the primary place most of the c130's and c17's are flying in. they're on hold for a time as the u.s. military brings more troops in, landing within the next hour. several large planes full of more u.s. troops to get water and food into haiti as well as provide some of the security.
3:35 pm
we did get u.n. troops in this afternoon to help as well. >> shepard: i'm told -- i've seen it. video of the rescue of a young child. >> yeah, it's amazing. if we can roll that. last night we had a congressman come with his iphone and put it on our computer and they found three young children. miami-dade search and rescue found the children. the mother did not make it. she died. but the other three are out and will make a full recovery. they were in pretty darn good condition. about 12 people last night were found around the city still alive in the rubble. we haven't got the numbers today but that's amazing. >> shepard: it's been a long time. thank you, amd housley. for every one of those persons found alive, the sad fact is thousands are found dead. the haitian government says it has already buried tens of thousands of victims in mass
3:36 pm
graves. no headstones or ceremonies, no pictures, no names documented, no nothing for those who survived. just bodies in the earth. steve harrigan visited a burial ground. he's been covering the quake since day one. while the video has been edited some images are disturbing. >> around the capital city, the grim work of pulling bodies from the rubble continues. we talked to young men, that's their job making $1.50 a day and he's averaged a dozen bodies each day. we followed the path of the bodies from the rubble to the morgue for the last ride. 15 miles on a truck to a place outside of town, the final resting place for thousands of haitians. >> in haiti, humiliation does not end with death. corpses pulled from the rubble by ungloved hands. raised by a bulldozer, dropped into trucks, piled at the morgue
3:37 pm
where body fluids and feces make footing difficult. then the long drive. >> here comes a delivery. more bodies. here comes another truck behind that one. one after the other. this is a conveyer belt of death. is anyone keeping count? does anyone know their names? some garbage first, then the arms, legs and torsos, another half dozen souls. the bulldozer pushes a mix of dirt and garbage on top of the corpses. there's no distinction now. there's a corpse halfway out that didn't make it. maybe on this push he'll get some rest. how many times have you come here today? three days, three nights. nonstop he's been coming here. he doesn't have any idea of the count.
3:38 pm
there's a hole there 30 feet deep a hole there, a hole there. as far as i can see here, holes for fresh bodies and paving over where bodies once were. garbage, bodies, dust flies into the air. with resources strained beyond the breaking point, for the living and suffering, it's little wonder no one has time for the dead. >> stavez we've been in touch with the state department and received a reply. i'll bring that to you next. the oil crisis is over. i don't think so. our economy is bleeding billions for foreign oil... importing nearly 70% - much of it from countries that don't like us. that's billions we should use to create american jobs. we have plenty of american natural gas, to power our trucks and bus fleets.
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3:41 pm
sister. there they are to get when they visited. they got a plane waiting for them in the dominican republic and everyone involved is going state department, cut some red tape and make it happen. here's what i just got from the assistant secretary of state. pj crowley says there were hundreds of cases of adoption in various stages of process. when an adoption is near complete. the government has to approve the adoption. from last tuesday we've moved 24 orphans basically completed. they have already been transported to the united states. he goes on to say they have another couple of hundred adoptions that are pretty close in the sense with an agreement with the haitian government they can finalize as quickly as possible and move them to the united states. there's a larger universe of cases that are not as close. he says from the state department we're working through these now. it's an issue of high priority. we have people in haiti working
3:42 pm
these cases, recognizing the government in haiti has take an blow. we're working with the united states to move these kids as rapidly as possible. then he says, i would be reluctant to comment on specific cases. both -- i'm told both governments -- we're working to get pj crowley on the phone. this was one of the cases in the last stages. the united states government approved the adoption and the haitian government approved t they're 18 months in into the process. there's a plane across the border waiting to take these children and opener children from the orphanage where they got five cans of pedialyte and have a plane ready to take them away. what this family is begging and these people at the orphanage are saying, please snip the last bit of red tape and say, people who are taking care of orphans
3:43 pm
in haiti, you may now take them to the dominican republic where a plane will fly them to life outside that hell and the men and women in their hearts to be in haiti running orphanageses will be able to take in new orphans just created when thousands upon thousands of families lost their mothers and fathers. it's not as if there's a crisis to come, there is. what they beg is state department, we know it's an isolated case but you see the facts, cut the red tape and let the plane bring the children. do not force them unnecessarily to go another day without the food and medical care and formula that little babies need. a three-year-old and a one-year-old want to go to greece, new york. the other beautiful smiling children want out of the hell that has become their country. state department, cut the tape!
3:44 pm
pj crowley, call us, please. join us on "studio b" and let us now how this can happen. we'll update you again before this is over and again tonight on the fox report. walmart's $10 90-day generic prescriptions...
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don: matter where you live. don: plus get free shipping on over 3,000 other prescriptions. don: call 1-800-2-refill for your free home delivery. save money. live better. walmart. >> shepard: imagine you are the keeper of the red tape and dealing with haiti and trying to do your dead level best to get families united but it's not that easy. pj crowley is the assistant secretary of state, the man from
3:47 pm
whom we red the response and he's on the line a friend of the program. always good to take to you. >> hay, shepard. >> this is frustrating. you're all parents but we're looking as a situation where a orphanage in haiti and haitian government approved and adoption. the united states government approved the adoption. they were in the final moments when the earthquake struck. now they're dealing -- you know it is, a nonfunctioning haitian government and they're saying let us bring our children outs of there and bring them home to new york and make room for other children who need the loving hands of good people helping kids with no parents. is there red tape that can be cut? >> if that's the case and some children -- the answer is it's been accomplished and it's a matter of logistics and making sure we have an opportunity to bring these children out of haiti and match them up with the adoptive parents in the united states.
3:48 pm
we've done that since last week in 24 cases already. there are some cases where much of the paperwork has been done but we may not have final approval from the government of haiti to move the children. and there are some others who are just kind of early in the process. we're trying to work on all these cases. it's a priority for us. we want to get these children out of haiti and successfully in the hands of their adoptive parents. it's a high priority for us since last tuesday and we've had some success and we're pushing this along as fast as we can. >> well that's great to hear. here's the situation -- you have spoken with the adoptive parents, is that right? >> i've spoken with your colleagues. >> all right. here's the situation. >> it's hard to talk about any particular case. >> shepard: but i wanted to tell you one specific thing. the orphanages here and there's a plane here. they have the paperwork, the
3:49 pm
haitian government approved. so we need to get the children from here to the plane in the dominican republic. can the state department help with that? >> the military. >> the plane's there. >> the plane is where, in haiti? >> in the dominican republic. the plane from the group that funds this orphanage that has facilitated the adoptions, they have a plane in the dominican republic waiting to fly them out of there. >> i understand that shepard. we've got to make sure any plane headed into the airport has made the appropriate contact and has the appropriate slot to get in. we're on that airport trying to bring in medical supplies and food and water. so it's got to be orchestrated in the right way. but trust me, we've got people on the ground in port-au-prince right now, working directly with the orphanages, working with the haitian government and we want to move these children out to
3:50 pm
safety as rapidly as possible. >> i know you do . >> so i will -- we will press this particular case just as we press all of them to try to move the children out. >> that's great to hear. i know what challenge is. joshua or elizabeth, which is here? >> this is joshua. >> am i right when i say that the plane is on the ground from this texas organization on the ground in the dominican republic? >> from my understanding, yes. >> do you have the paperwork from the haitian government? the haitian government approved this, right? >> i have the paperwork not from the haitian government. i have our paperwork state side we sent to the haitian government. we're 75% done and they were checking the legal documents. >> okay. pj now we're -- i know you don't want to talk about this specific case so we won't but in general -- i thought it was far along. people in this position now face
3:51 pm
the very difficult royalty that the haitian government is not functioning. so i would assume that the state department is working with what remains in the haitian government to try to figure out a way to facilitate these things under unusual circumstances. >> that's right. we're working with the haitian government trying to press forward. in those cases where we believe everything is in order except for the final approval, we're pressing them even as we speaking to ahead and take these cases that are finished or close to finished and move them forward. so this is something that is a priority of ours and we're pressing as we speak on the ground in haiti. we're working here in washington with our colleagues at the department of homeland security so that once we have everything in order, we grantedded the visa, we're moving them forward, helping out through our citizenship and immigration services. so this is a full-court press from the united states government working with haiti under difficult circumstanceses.
3:52 pm
there's nothing we want more than to unite these children with these adoptive parents. >> pj crowley, thank you. joshua davey, do you feel like you're getting anywhere? >> wife -- we've got an lot further than we thought just in the past week. so any news is good news at this point. just to be able to not only bring my kids home but all these kids home. >> yeah. i feel ya. joshua dave y good luck. pj crowley, thank you so much. you focus on one case on one case and what you can see. if you lay a broad brush, it becomes soup. jonathan hunt is in a room with little boys and little girls to need a mommy and a daddy who love them. and their mommies and daddies a world away who do. and the government has collapsed. and paperwork is in the way. this is isn't about those two
3:53 pm
little kids and not about that particular family in greece, new york and not about jonathan hunt or anything we're doing. this is playing itself out over and over and over and hundreds and thousands of times. at the same time, parents died and there are new orphans and the challenges have just become incredibly overwhelming. so many of you have written saying we should send trailers from the katrina effort, send them blankets. they have to get the dead out of the streets. there are miles and miles of roadway which we have not shown you around the epicenter of this quake because we can't get there. where the roads are completely blocked and the small town of what, 45,000, where the quake hit, the epicenter of it all, nine out of ten buildings is destroyed. no aid has come in. none of any kind. there are no earth movers or people to remove victims from
3:54 pm
buildings. people spent long, long days in swelter heat and then died. that's the reality. and the case of these two little kids and elizabeth and joshua davey is just one in a sea of thousands. but when you see that little face and the happiness you see there, maybe you can look ahead to a good story and a reunion that's going to come. we're not there yet.
3:55 pm
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>> shepard: it is the third monday in january. the day on which we commemorate the late civil rights leader dr. martin luther king, jr. for the 42nd straight year the ebenezer baptist church in atlanta held the memorial service. >> sing. >> music >> this year, dr. king would have celebrated his 81st 81st birthday. it's also the 25th anniversary of the first federal observance of dr. martin luther king, jr. day. as you know, he was gunned down in memphis, tennessee in 1968. today president obama participated in a service project of sorts to help help memorialize dr. king's life and legacy. he helped pass out food in a
3:58 pm
soup kitchen in washington and imagine the delight on dr. king's face. imagine seeing that. the president and his wife, african-americans both, helping in a soup kitchen. and imagine if he could see the young family from queens, new york, greece, new york, adopting the haitian children from a world away. lots to be done in the name of dr. king but we've come a long way. haiti is not stopping tourists from going ahead with vacation plans. notice on the mainland but -- not on the mainland but the royal caribbean independence of the seas is at a beach near port-au-prince. the cruise line rents or leases that land and they bring tourists and the cruise line decided to continue with the itinerary and have a heavily
3:59 pm
guarded resort. some passengers are staying onboard because they can't have a day on the beach when so many are suffering nearby. others on the ship are like can we continue with our plans regardless of what is happening in the country? the truth is hundreds of haitians are employed because of this cruise ship and the cruise line is like, what do you do? you want to be respectful and all the rest, but if anything, they need a job to continue their lives. so the cruise ship is like for now, we're going to continue to do this. so they're having daiquiris and rum punch on a island a few miles from the catastrophe in haiti. continuing coverage tonight on n the fox report. the rest of the day's news state side and we'll keep up updated on politics. if you want to help the people of haiti, go to
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